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Martin E. Vamos, Family Lawyer

Family Law Problems can be complicated, confusing and often times overwhelming. During periods of emotional and financial turmoil, you often need more than just an empathetic listener you need solid, competent legal advice.

Martin began his practice in Brantford where he gained experience in Real Estate, Civil, Family and Criminal law. He moved his practice to Hamilton in 1985 and since 1990 has concentrated on Family Law. He has experience in separation agreements, custody and access issues, divorce, spousal support, child support, property of the marriage, property claims of common law spouses as well as all issues relating to child welfare and apprehension of children by children's aid societies.

Martin receives referrals from previous clients, other counsel, and, on occasion from friends and associates of opposing parties. He accepts private paying clients as well as Legal Aid certificates.

Although focusing on the specialized Family Court case management/mediation approach to Family Law solutions, Martin has approximately over 35 years of empathetic and pragmatic experience to assist in the preparation of; or presentation of your case.

Make the right move.

Choose Martin E. Vamos and take a white knight with you to court.

Experienced Family Lawyer dedicated to providing legal support for clients facing a variety of challenges and needs, including:

White Kight

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