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Spousal Support

Needing Spousal Support

Spousal Support is support payment provided by one spouse to the other when your partnership ends. It is often paid to help the spouse with the lower income cover their living expenses, and is referred to as  "alimony" in other countries.  The spouse who earns more money or has more assets may have to pay the other spouse.  Nonetheless, the law does expect that adults should be able to support themselves to the best of their capability. 

The quantum of spousal support, as well as the duration that the support will be paid, is usually determined by either a judge's ruling or agreement between parties. In order to approve the quantum of spousal support, as well as the duration that the support will be paid a judge’s ruling is needed. Numerous circumstances are taken into consideration, including the incomes of both parties, whether there are children and child support payable, the length of the relationships and ages of the parties.  A person may claim support to help them to develop being financially self sufficient or to not end up in severe financial complications.

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